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Simply Organic

Living Natural


Who are we?

Simply Organic is all about organic products, we firmly believe in the organic agricultural principles of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care. We promote and educate about healthy ways to improve your lifestyle by organising cooking demonstrations, talks and workshops with experienced chefs using seasonal organic produce and ingredients.

Organic Product Distributors

We promote and trade Organic products, firmly believing in the principles of Organic Agriculture: Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care.

Organic Certification:  MT-ORG-01 D009

Vegetarian&Vegan Cooking Workshops

We organise various cooking demonstrations and workshops with experienced chefs!


Organic Products


Organic Gardening Seeds

We have a wide variety of Organic Gardening Seeds available!

Organic Sprouts & Sprouting Kits

We have a wide variety of Organic Sprouts available! We also have a different kinds of sprouting kits in the form of Sprouting Trays, Sprouting bags and Jars.

Dehydrators & Juicers

We have high quality Dehydrators and Manual cold Juicers.


Where to find our products

We have various retailers located around the Island that have our products available!